How Valuable is Immediate Hazard Info in an Emergency: Utilizing QR Codes

This sheet provides information about the placement and volatility of materials in the vehicle. This is similar to a safety data sheet, in that both identify and convey hazards. In an emergency this would most likely be first responders.

HazCom Compliance: GHS Labeling the Latest from OSHA

Workplace Labeling seems to be the single most asked about impact related the current transition of OSHA Hazcom 2012 with GHS. OSHA hasn’t changed general requirements for workplace labeling—and gives Employers the option to create their own workplace labels—however, there are caveats.

California Governor To Restore the Intent of Proposition 65

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr of California announced this week, his proposed reforms to Proposition 65. Proposition 65 is a good law that’s helped many people, but it’s being abused by unscrupulous lawyers,” said Governor Brown. “This is an effort to improve the law so it can do what it was intended to do –…

Highlight Feature: Regulatory Threshold Worksheets

In the most basic description, the Regulatory Threshold Worksheets compare material quantities recorded within SiteHawk to be compared against reporting threshold levels for reporting of various regulations. It sounds simple enough, but it is also one of the most talked about and powerful new features in SiteHawk Professional. It acts like a regulatory checks and…

Check Out This New Feature: Material Action Gears

So you are searching through your SDS notebook and you find a specific material that that needs to be emailed to another employee. Instead of copying the location or pulling out the SDS and attaching it to an email, SiteHawk says just hit the Action Gear and “Email an SDS” will be an option.

Common Mistakes When Authoring SDSs and GHS Compliance

Although OSHA has not (at this time) published any guidance documents for field auditors regarding updated SDSs it is easy to say that an outdated SDS will stand out like a sore thumb. As you look to update SDSs for your products here are some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions regarding authoring an updated SDS for your consideration: