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Regulation Round-Up GHS Globally Harmonized System

Jul 2012

Author: kmcgee

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We’d like to introduce a new regular series to our blog, “The Regulation round-Up”. What we aim to do is educate our readers on changes to regulations that will directly affect the frontline EH&S people and their organizations. We hope this will give our readers some insight to employ a proactive, efficient, and cost-effective approach…


Product Stewardship Initiatives Leading to More Chemical Information on Two Fronts, Company and Consumer

Jul 2012

Author: Compliance Specialist

Categories: Chemical Management, Product Sustainability

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You probably saw it more than once at the grocery store and you see articles about it all the time online and in magazines. More and more consumers are comparing and contrasting nutritional information on the food they buy. Vitamins, fat content, serving size etc., it’s all right there for anyone to see. Stick with…


18 Months is around the corner, are you GHS ready?

Jun 2012

Author: jedwards

Categories: Chemical Management, GHS Solutions, SDS Management

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You most likely opened this post because you wanted to see how I was going to justify eighteen months being around the corner. Let me get you there….. By December 1st, 2013 OSHA is requiring that all employees are to be trained on the update to the Hazard Communication standard called GHS, the Globally Harmonized…


What the GHS Means to SiteHawk: the new HazCom 2012

May 2012

Author: Compliance Specialist

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To start off, maybe the question shouldn’t be what does the new HazCom 2012 – GHS transition mean to SiteHawk. Our system is already GHS enabled, with even more features to be added to support our clients. Maybe the question should be more along the lines of, what does the GHS mean to you and…