Chemical MSDS Management

Chemical Inventory Software & Chemical MSDS Management


The first step to chemical management and material safety data sheet (MSDS) compliance is an accurate physical inventory. However, taking physical inventories and reconciling materials back to your chemical management systems can be time and resource-intensive without the proper tools. Therefore, SiteHawk introduces VeriScan, your new chemical inventory assistant!

With VeriScan, you can pre-populate inventory worksheets or use the online application to efficiently and accurately record physical inventories. Streamlining not only the physical inventory taking process, but also the reconciliation process, VeriScan allows you to:

  • Import your MSDS notebook for quick material look-up and “check and go” inventory taking
  • Scan barcodes or product codes for instant access
  • Utilize online or offline modes to ensure complete inventory coverage even in areas without wireless coverage
  • Assure that every material is accounted for and has an associated MSDS
  • Reconcile all materials existing or not-existing to your electronic MSDS notebook
  • Ensure 100% compliance for chemical inventories!

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