Product Stewardship

Material Analysis Profiling System (MAPS)

MAPS is a comprehensive chemical profiling system. It gives you the ability to easily unlock important chemical data from products, materials, and production processes to provide you with advanced insight into materials or substances that may trigger a regulatory issue or raise customer concerns. By easily cross-referencing your entire SDS notebook, MAPS allows you to discover potential issues earlier when entering new markets or developing new products. This creates opportunities for your organization to implement and support product sustainability initiatives to become greener and safer, exceeding consumer and market expectations, while also reducing stress on internal resources.

What’s Your Vision?

MAPS is not just a compliance tool, but a business-focused resource. MAPS helps you make more informed decisions when evaluating product design, environmental impact reduction strategies, employee health and safety, and much more.

  • Perform GHS assessments to determine which vendors or materials comply with GHS guidelines.
  • Elevate the status of EH&S as a strategic partner to business.
  • Pro-actively identify chemicals of concern in your research and product development efforts.
  • Flag materials of concern by cross-referencing regulations. when entering a new market
  • Understand and quantify the chemical “hazard footprint” in your facilities.
  • Gain competitive advantage with smarter products, processes, and work environments.