Chemical Inventory & Safety Compliance

You have a goal of improved workplace safety and compliance through a proactive management process. However, successfully administering a safety compliance program and maintaining accurate chemical inventories is a resource and time-intensive task. Finding the means to implement the processes required to accomplish that vision is, at best, a challenge. You're looking for a cost-effective solution you can rely on, one that increases resources instead of tasks. SiteHawk has the software and service solutions that are the extra resources you need
to realize your MSDS management vision.

What's Your Vision?
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Safer Workplace, Better-Informed Employees
You need to ensure employee information is consistent and centralized, even in a changing regulatory environment. Corporate messaging should be harmonized across languages and mandates. You need a means to provide employees with "Immediate access" to accurate and reliable EH&S data as well as updated MSDSs without constant delays. Ultimately you need to reduce accidents and insurance claims while increasing productivity.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • User-friendly interfaces  » More
  • Multi-language material summaries  » More
  • Instant access to electronic MSDSs   » More
  • Data management services for maintaining notebooks  » More
Proactive Inventory Control
You need a faster, simpler, and more accurate chemical inventory process that provides you with a clear understanding of exactly what materials are stored or used in which areas. Assurance that every chemical on-site has an accurate and updated MSDS should be included. You need to control what chemicals are introduced into the workplace before they arrive, to better manage and reduce hazardous chemicals in your workplace. And you don't want to lose your current investment in barcoding and inventory technology.

  • SiteHawk VMM and VeriScan™
  • Streamlined chemical data management  » More
  • Barcode scanning for fast, accurate inventories.  » More
  • Banned chemical controls  » More
  • Automated material approvals  » More
  • Material composition and property tracking services  » More
  • Facility-specific data tracking services  » More
More Time and Less Expense
You need to avoid fines by ensuring MSDSs are immediately available and the master chemical list updated each time a product is purchased or changed. You need to reduce purchasing costs by centralizing and consolidating vendors and procurement management. You want your data to work for you to help save you time. Detailed searches should help quickly find important property information like material composition, PPE and hazard ratings should be provided. You want your MSDS management costs to be consistent with no surprises.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • Access complete SiteHawk MSDS Catalog  » More
  • On-demand reports by vendor, location, and more  » More
  • Robust property searches and reports.  » More
  • Included training session, online-help, tutorials, and technical support  » More
Simpler Notebook Management and Enhanced Compliance
You need a better way to maintain notebooks that eliminates redundant work. Information should be updated in one place but accessible wherever it is needed within your corporation, even if facilities are international. Notebooks should be well organized, with information easy-to-find and quickly viewed. You'd like to view current, historical and multi-lingual versions of your documents without forfeiting user-friendliness. Archives should be easily maintained for as long as you need them and information should be backed up regularly.

  • SiteHawk VMM
  • Intuitive notebooks and ledgers  » More
  • Global availability, 24/7  » More
  • Simple Version Management  » More
  • Archiving tools, ledgers, reports  » More
  • Functional Emergency backup CD/DVD  » More
  • Local Language options  » More

SiteHawk Solutions
  • SiteHawk Professional – Advanced chemical and regulatory management
  • SiteHawk Global – International regulatory management
  • SiteHawk Select – Basic chemical and regulatory tracking
  • SiteHawk Express – Search, view and print electronic MSDSs
  • SiteHawk VeriScan™ – More accurate and efficient chemical inventories
  • SiteHawk Complete – Includes every SiteHawk resource you need to effectively build, distribute and
    manage your MSDSs
  • SiteHawk Services – Over 99% accurate with over 99% customer retention - that's confidence inspired!

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