MSDS Software Solutions

SiteHawk QRy™

The quickest and easiest safety data sheet (SDS) lookup in the industry. QRy allows users to create a SiteHawk-generated QR (Quick Response) code for any material in your notebook. Once the code is created, simply scan with your QR code reader for instant retrieval and display of SDSs on your mobile device. SiteHawk QRy™ works with all major mobile platforms including iOS (iPad, iPhone), Andriod and Windows. SiteHawk QRy™ puts safety directly in your hands!


  • Remote, field, and plant personnel have instant and immediate access to SDSs anywhere, anytime with their mobile device
  • QR labels eliminate guesswork when searching for a material safety data sheet.
  • Quicker retrieval of SDS for safe handling instruction, precautionary measures, and additional chemical data.
  • First responders need to just scan the QR label to obtain all pertinent chemical data in case of an emergency.

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