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MSDS Authoring Software

SiteHawk (M)SDS Engineer
Secure, web-based authoring tools with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that let you enjoy features that enhance your MSDS authoring ability but leave you in complete control.

  • Easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface that ensure all sections are thoroughly reviewed and chemicals properly assessed.
  • 16-section documents conforming to GHS and ANSI guidelines.
  • Flexible and globally compliant formats based on agency or mandate.
  • Agency-specific pictograms including GHS, ANSI, DOT, and more.
  • Document control and versioning that includes other languages.
  • Pre-populated pure substance/ingredient database.
  • Pre-populated phrase library with industry standard phrases based on GHS, ERG, ASA and more.
  • Product use/formulation-based template building.
  • Multi-agency (GHS, EU, OSHA, and WHMIS) hazard classification rules engine, with suggestions based on chemical properties and agency rules.
  • Expert global regulatory updates.
  • Integrated global third-party list-of-lists provider providing access to a large number of regulatory lists.
  • Instant links to the NIOSH Pocket guide and other chemical management data resources.
  • Expert education, "Help" documentation, on-demand tutorials and live web-based software training.
  • Flexible, cost-effective pricing options based on your MSDS authoring software needs and budget.
  • Integrated decision support tools & resources
With the pending GHS guidelines being considered and adopted throughout the world right now, authoring and product stewardship professionals are determining how to deal with the new regulations. Industrial hygienists, corporate toxicologists, and others responsible for the communication of hazardous chemical components are preparing for the "authoring avalanche" that is about to hit as the millions of material safety data sheets currently in circulation have to be revised, re-written, and re-published to comply with the GHS provisions. There will most likely be a three to five-year window in which to bring all SDS up to par. Nonetheless, product stewardship and corporate hygienist and safety professionals have a daunting task in front of them to meet the requirements.

Once authored, the next task of publishing and distributing the MSDS sheets online can be seamlessly supported via SiteHawk's Distribution and Hosting solutions. Whether your customers prefer email, fax, or hard copies, the Distribution and Hosting platform simplifies the communication process with your customers.