SDS Data: Why Indexing Drives GHS Compliance
Topic: How will your safety team and employees directly benefit from having chemical information properly entered into your SDS management system? During this educational webinar we will discuss how indexing SDS data is paramount in supporting GHS transition initiatives and mitigating risk.
Speaker: Kelley Sharma - Sales Manager - SiteHawk
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EH&S Best Practices – Making the Most of Your GHS Chemical Data
Topic: Compliance is the first step of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), but how else can you benefit from your updated safety data sheets and chemical data?
Speaker: Scott Williams - Director of Sales - SiteHawk
Speaker: Melaine Peden - Quality Assurance and Regulatory Review - SiteHawk
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Real World Impacts of GHS on SDS Management, Labels, and HazCom Training Programs
Topic: SDS management, labeling, and updated HazCom training programs are three key areas the GHS has directly affected. Safety professionals need to start identifying and evaluating exactly where and how their organization will be impacted and what changes need to made.
Speaker: Scott Williams - Director of Sales - SiteHawk
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GHS Readiness Webinar - Prepare for Implementation
Topic: This 45-minute webinar will discuss the proposed changes by the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and also outline a practical roadmap to successfully transition to the expected new hazard communication standards.
Speaker: Compliance Specialists from SiteHawk
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5 Tips to Author a GHS-Compliant Safety Data Sheet
Topic: Is your organization ready to survive the MSDS authoring avalanche presented by REACH and GHS? If your customers are requesting new SDS from you or your organization in the new GHS format, this is the session for you. Led by authoring specialists from SiteHawk, this webinar is designed to discuss what you need to think about before tackling your GHS authoring project.

"Webinar - Best Practices in Chemical Management"
Authors: Keri-Lyn Jakubs, Compliance Optimizers
                Scott Williams, Director of Sales

Companies face many hurdles today when it comes to chemical management. This 45-minute webinar will discuss the factors, tools, and techniques to minimize the burden of chemical data management and boost the impact of compliance, safety, and regulatory reporting initiatives. Led by chemical management specialists from SiteHawk and Compliance Optimizers, this webinar will outline a best practices approach to chemical management.