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The Annual Chemical Inventory – The EHS Professional’s Secret Weapon

Apr 2017

Author: Kimberly Williams

Categories: Chemical Management, HazCom Compliance, OSHA Compliance

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Due to hazard communication regulations, we all know that a complete inventory of chemicals used in the workplace is a must.  Having an annual chemical inventory helps with chemical tracking, reduces disposal costs, helps keep a lean chemical inventory. Chemical inventories should be done on an annual basis to ensure you are maintaining accurate and…


A Few Tips to Get a Grip on an Accurate Chemical Inventory

Feb 2013

Author: Kimberly Williams

Categories: Chemical Management, SDS Authoring

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Aside from being more organized there are a few immediate practical rewards you’ll see: 1) you will establish a solid baseline for creating material approval and control procedures, 2) ensure MSDS compliance, and 3) automate regulatory reporting that is efficient and accurate.