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Common Mistakes When Authoring SDSs and GHS Compliance

Mar 2013

Author: kmcgee

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Although OSHA has not (at this time) published any guidance documents for field auditors regarding updated SDSs it is easy to say that an outdated SDS will stand out like a sore thumb. As you look to update SDSs for your products here are some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions regarding authoring an updated SDS for your consideration:


Katie’s Corner: SDS Authoring Tip – What are relevant ingredients?

Dec 2012

Author: kmcgee

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The concept of Relevant ingredients are only applicable to the following hazards: Acute toxicity, Skin Corrosion/Irritation, Eye Damage/Irritation and Aquatic toxicity.


What the GHS Means to SiteHawk: the new HazCom 2012

May 2012

Author: Compliance Specialist

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To start off, maybe the question shouldn’t be what does the new HazCom 2012 – GHS transition mean to SiteHawk. Our system is already GHS enabled, with even more features to be added to support our clients. Maybe the question should be more along the lines of, what does the GHS mean to you and…