Chemical Approval

Risk mitigation begins with providing visibility to chemicals (and their associated hazards) before they enter a facility. SiteHawk Material Approval enables workers to configure forms and workflows and send potential materials for review by key contacts before the materials are allowed on site. In addition, Material Approval integrates with the Material Analysis Profiling System (MAPS) to automate research and electronically cross-reference custom or regulatory lists with the material and its ingredients, providing a material analysis during material review.    

  • Provide flexible form and workflow configurations to match your business processes.
  • Drive company compliance and product stewardship regarding hazardous materials and alleviate the burden of reviewing lists by creating an automated Material Approval step to deny banned chemicals.
  • Save valuable time by automatically submitting approved materials to SiteHawk.

Enhance Product Stewardship. Control the materials and ingredients within your products. 

Configure material approval forms and workflows to match your business needs. With SiteHawk, you can engage regulatory lists, multiple departments or third parties within workflows to provide a comprehensive evaluation before a material enters a facility or is included in product development.

Need more information about the benefits of a chemical approval process? Check our chemical approval infographic here.