SDS & Chemical Data Management


Achieve Compliance, Enhance Safety, Reduce Risk and Advance Product Stewardship with Chemical Data Management

SiteHawk Communicator is an innovative, SaaS-based chemical data management platform. With SiteHawk you can:

  • Quickly access SDSs with a “Google-like” search interface or via mobile devices with the QuickScan mobile app
  • Automatically keep your SDSs current with SDS Verification and Update Services
  • Print GHS compliant labels
  • Create material approval workflows
  • Perform real-time chemical inventory tracking
  • Cross-reference inventory against 225 global regulatory lists
  • Import or Export Data for use with other line-of-business systems
  • Leverage data for environmental reporting and product stewardship initiatives

SiteHawk Communicator delivers compliance with global hazard communication standards including HazCom 2012, GHS and WHMIS 2015.  SiteHawk Communicator is easy-to-use and can be quickly configured to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

World Class Service is the Difference

What really makes our solution the best is the passionate team of EHS professionals that are standing by to support you. From day one, you'll have a knowledgeable, expert team with many years of real-world experience standing by to ensure your success.

Video Overview of SiteHawk Communicator

Now Featuring QuickScan - a Fully Integrated Mobile App

SiteHawk QuickSCAN is a mobile app that allows users to scan a QR code located on secondary container labels and instantly view or share the appropriate Safety Data Sheet. QuickSCAN is a fully integrated component of SiteHawk Communicator.

Features & Benefits

SiteHawk’s robust data indexing and functionality provides the capability to generate GHS-compliant secondary container labels in GHS, WHMIS 1988, NFPA and HMIS formats using the data from the latest SDS. SiteHawk understands that labeling needs vary across organizations. With SiteHawk, users can configure labels with a GHS label wizard or choose to customize label size and output to meet their needs.

SiteHawk can help EHS leaders harness chemical and regulatory data for internal and external reporting requirements. From standard reporting such as ingredient lists to environmental reporting such as Tier II, SiteHawk’s reporting functionality integrates with over 225 regulatory lists to help simplify your reporting processes.

Chemical data is complicated. Employees are faced with the burden of taking materials through multiple channels during the approval process. Material Approval enables users to evaluate requested materials and their ingredients allowed onsite with flexible, configurable chemical approval forms and workflows.

All workers have a right to know what hazards are in their workplace and employers are required to provide access to the most recent Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information available. SiteHawk leverages over 20 years of expertise in data management to help ensure organizations are compliant, SDSs are up-to-date and users have access to the data they need, when they need it.

EHS leaders need the ability to take a quick snapshot of real-time activity in their organization including facility activity and employee engagement within SiteHawk. SiteHawk Communicator’s Dashboard provides a deep, detailed look at activity and analytics and across corporations.

EHS leaders sift through a plethora of data to meet environmental reporting requirements and help their organizations make better business decisions. SiteHawk integrates regulatory content and contextualizes data, making it tangible and digestible for environmental reporting, product stewardship initiatives and improving the bottom line.

Why SiteHawk?

Our Experience


Since 1993, SiteHawk has delivered innovative technology and world class chemical data management solutions. As one of the first chemical data management providers in the market, SiteHawk helps clients leverage their chemical data and pursue operational excellence. To put it simply, SiteHawk knows chemical data.

Our Approach

SiteHawk offers a full-service approach and innovative, powerful technology to streamline data processes and provide an effective, user-friendly solution to chemical data management. Leveraging decades of industry expertise and experience, our product and services provide robust and trustworthy content, including an indexing process that collects and contextualizes up to 240 data points from each SDS. SiteHawk leverages this chemical data, providing the tools needed to elevate data beyond compliance--to drive business innovation.


From Paper to Cloud


Approximately 77% of companies use paper-based systems for chemical compliance.

This method of data management is:

  • Time consuming
  • Provides limited access to data
  • Increases risk
  • Costly
  • Locks static data within a document

SaaS data management solutions drive safety and compliance by providing online systems to collect, organize, understand and distribute chemical data.


Driven by consumers, cost effect and regulatory mandates, organizations continue to elevate the importance of Environmental Health and Safety beyond compliance to drive real business change. SiteHawk is the solution to making these efforts a reality.

Safety & Compliance

In an ever-changing global market, EHS leaders are challenged with the safety and protection of an organization’s greatest asset—its people. Employees have a Right-to-Know (RTK) about the hazards on site and what to do in case of an incident. Employers are required to provide uninhibited access to SDSs for every employee while they are on the clock.

SiteHawk promotes safety and compliance by providing employees quick access to SDSs anytime, anywhere on deviceswith Internet access. In addition, SiteHawk’s robust reporting capabilities help employers generate and export multiple reports within a single platform.

  • Deliver quick and user-friendly search features, including SiteHawk’s Google-like search engine QuickSEARCH and the QuickSCAN mobile app to meet compliance and provide quick access to SDSs and chemical data.
  • Automate compliance with 24-month Update and Verification services to ensure your SDSs are up-to-date.
  • Provide global support with a user interface in over 26 languages, data in over 80 languages and integration with global regulatory lists.
  • Leverage chemical data within an innovative labeling tool to save time and ensure secondary container labels are compliant and reflect data from the latest SDS.

Understanding Data

Organizations have a lot of data. Understanding chemical data is crucial to align EHS processes with corporate initiatives, manage business strategy and reach EHS goals.

By reducing risk, lowering costs, promoting productivity and driving product stewardship, SiteHawk helps EHS leaders leverage chemical data to move the needle from tactical reaction to strategic development at all levels of an organization to drive real business change.

  • Leverage up to 240 data points from each SDS throughout SiteHawk Communicator
  • Integrate over 225 local, federal and global regulatory lists
  • Deliver contextualized data and analytics to optimize resources and corporate oversight

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