Hidden Features: Leverage Custom Data with SiteHawk’s Additional Properties Functionality

SiteHawk Communicator provides a powerful, user-friendly interface for online access to your library of SDSs; automated chemical approval process with configurable workflow, custom data fields and review and distribution lists; and the capability to understand how on-site chemicals and associated ingredients are regulated across over 225 regulatory lists. But the application goes much deeper and there are many additional features and services available to users. Many of these features are robust and innovative tools, often underutilized by users. One such feature is Additional Properties.

SiteHawk implements an extensive methodology of indexing SDSs and unlocking chemical data from the SDS document to ensure it can be utilized by the numerous reports, searches and cross reference tools within the application. If a user needs to locate all materials with a boiling point below 120o F, the Material Properties Search can quickly yield these results. But what if you need to know whether the material is in an evaluation stage, if your organization designates specific storage conditions or if it is imported and your organization requires a domestic alternative? The list of search criteria is endless and ultimately defined by each user’s unique needs. The problem with these unique points of interest is they are not located on the SDS and are specific to your organization.

Enable Chemical Data Reporting with the Additional Properties Feature

Chemical Data Reporting

SiteHawk Communicator offers a quick and easy solution. The Additional Properties feature provides an innovative way to store material data, including custom data fields and data specific to your organization. The functionality offers 14 different types of fields and 8 different scopes for applying each field type, equaling 112 different ways to capture material data. With an infinite number of combinations there are endless possibilities. Additional Properties can be attributed to material at any time, including upon initial submission to SiteHawk, and these identifiers can be searched using SiteHawk’s robust search engine, QuickSEARCH. Use the Additional Property feature to create your own material property, tag it to the required materials and SiteHawk does the work of locating, searching and cross referencing them for you. Additional Properties can be unique to one Facility or common throughout a Corporation, your choice! You can also incorporate them into a Material Approval workflow, giving reviewers more information in evaluation. Identifiers are indexed when the material is added to your SDS Notebook.

Would adding custom fields and searchable, reportable custom data be helpful for your organization? Contact SiteHawk to explore how you can use Additional Properties to meet your needs and reach your EHS goals!

For more information about the Additional Properties feature, check out the Additional Properties Fact Sheet.

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