Print Chemical Hazard Labels with SiteHawk Communicator

On October 22, 2017, SiteHawk, the global leader in chemical data management announced the release of SIteHawk Communicator v8.11 This release includes includes major enhancements to labeling functionality, making it easier than ever to print chemical hazard labels in a wide variety of sizes and formats.

Chemical Hazard Labels – Configurable Printing Options

Create and print chemical hazard labels based on SDS dataProducing compliant chemical hazard labels according to standards such as that of OSHA 2012  or WHMIS 2015 is crucial for organizations in every industry. Without the proper software, this can be a long, cumbersome process of data entry and label formatting. Incorporating site-specific label information can make this process even more grueling. SiteHawk’s new labeling solution delivers flexibility with configurable information, label templates and printout options.

With SiteHawk, users have the ability to populate label data directly from the latest SDS, add QR codes, scannable by SiteHawk QuickSCAN for easy SDS access and include site-specific information. By populating labels with the latest SDS information, users save time and rest assured knowing label information reflects the latest SDS data.

Worker applying chemical labelsThe enhancement delivers the ability to utilize a label wizard and customize the format, arrangement and size of your labels, enabling you to standardize formats and identifiers across your organization. Additionally, users have flexibility with output options, including the option to print to sheet and roll printers.

The SiteHawk Solution

In an effort to provide the most innovative, relevant and user-friendly chemical data management solution in the industry, SiteHawk deploys regular product releases including enhancements to current functionality and new application features. SiteHawk Communicator’s upcoming release includes exciting new interactive analytics, enhancements to the Tier II Wizard and a downloadable backup feature. If you have questions about SiteHawk or its latest release, contact us at [email protected] or 615-984-7897.