Chemical Safety Board Issues Recommendations on Combustible Dust

Combustible dust has been known hazard for quite some time, and with a series of recent tragedies, this hazard has been on the forefront of many safety professionals minds.

With the inclusion of GHS into the HazCom Standard, OSHA recognized the need to add new hazard classifications that include combustible dust, along with simple asphyxiants and pyrophoric gas. However, many including the U.S. Chemical Safety Board think more needs to be done. In a statement recently published, the CSB issued a few specific recommendations regarding combustible dust.

  • The Board advocated a new standard be based on existing National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) dust explosion standards.
  • The CSB called for the inclusion of metal dusts in the scope of any new standard on dust
  • OSHA should address the hazard and have a proposed rule within one year

The Chemical Safety Board also issued for the first time:

“The Board also designated the issuance of a general industry dust standard as the CSB’s first “Most Wanted Safety Improvement.”  It was the first time the CSB has made such a designation since approving the new advocacy program last year.  Designated recommendations in the program will be subject to more intense agency advocacy efforts.”

We’ll keep an eye on this and try to keep you updated with any new developments.