Data Exchange

Businesses not only demand data... they create unique streams of data. For decades, industry leaders have acquired more data, more systems... with the same problem.

How are data systems managed when chemical data and regulatory compliance content is a key part of overall risk management? EHS professionals need various pieces of chemical information in the right form at the right time to carry out their job responsibilities, mitigate risk and promote safer, smarter workplaces.

The most effective EHS processes engage SiteHawk’s Data Exchange to export product, material, ingredient and corporate content out of SiteHawk Communicator.

With Data Exchange, you can:

  • Use material and ingredient data in other EHS platforms for regulatory reporting.
  • Exchange product shipment logs to drive SDS distribution requirements.
  • Integrate data processes, so less systems provide better results.

This infographic details the sources and types of data, who benefits from the data and how SiteHawk solutions spark data integration.


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Important Information for Current Data Exchange Customers

In an effort to make SiteHawk Communicator the most effective solution in the industry, we deploy regular product releases that deliver enhancements to Data Exchange and new application features, including updated schema and additional data fields.

What does this mean for you?

If your organization is currently using Data Exchange Version 1 or Version 2, these versions will sunset on October 31, 2018. After October 31st, Data Exchange Version 1 and Version 2 will not generate exports of data. It is crucial that your organization implement Data Exchange updates prior to this date to prevent any disruption in service or organizational efficiency.

Your success is our top priority. Contact Roy Abhishek at [email protected] or 202-808-3101, as soon as possible to learn more information about these enhancements and to begin this transition.