Feature Highlight: Improved SDS Search Functionality

One of the more common things we hear from people in our industry is, “I wish there was a better way to search for a SDS”. In the “paper-binder” world there’s no easy way around it, it’s just naturally a clumsy task. Open up your notebook, and flip through a few times until you find what you are looking for. It reminds me of using a phone book, but who uses a phone book anymore.

Even many electronic SDS management solutions have awkward search tools that don’t fully return accurate or customized search results.

Now consider a clumsy paper-based search, or an inaccurate electronic search during an emergency. Time is paramount in an emergency and a quick and accurate SDS search can make all the difference in response to accidental release measures, first aid measures, etc. A streamlined search tool can prove to be invaluable.

We listened to industry professionals and responded with our own improved search functionality.

What improvements did we make? Well for starters we have made our search capabilities simpler and smarter. SiteHawk QuickSEARCH allows you to jump right into it and quickly begin searching.

Intelligent auto-complete is another feature we’ve added to our search functionality. It automatically populates results based on keywords entered. Just begin to enter the name of a chemical and…


Results begin to populate. Suggested materials are “populated” so you can easily select the chemical, material, etc.

We also allow give you more control over search results allowing you to select exact and broad matches from a single search. Just click on the match type on top of the page to drill down and display corresponding results.

These examples are only a few of the basic ways in which we have improved our search capabilities. We didn’t even touch on selecting catalogs, components, and a few advanced options.