Highlight Feature: Regulatory Threshold Worksheets

In the most basic description, the Regulatory Threshold Worksheets compare material quantities recorded within SiteHawk to be compared against reporting threshold levels for reporting of various regulations. It sounds simple enough, but it is also one of the most talked about and powerful new features in SiteHawk Professional.

It acts like a regulatory checks and balances system for EH&S professionals. At anytime, you can log in to SiteHawk and run a detailed report to see exactly what materials in your notebook meet a specific regulatory threshold reporting requirement.

For example, I jumped into my SiteHawk account, selected the regulation I wanted to match materials for, in this case EPA RMP – Risk Management Plan – 40 CFR 68.130. My results were returned shortly, with an assessment of which materials in my notebook met the threshold reporting requirements. You can easily view the specific regulated chemical, CAS number, the material name, etc. and, if necessary export that info.

Regulatory Threshold Worksheet

Again, at its core, the goal of this feature is simple – minimize time and effort, while increasing productivity. I like to describe it as, a pro-active tool that allows our customers to leverage their chemical data. If you have the data, why not use it?