Full Formula – SiteHawk Adds Support for Ingredient-Level Data in SDS Management Solution

On October 1, 2017, SiteHawk released the latest version of SiteHawk Communicator, the leading global solution for chemical data management. SiteHawk Communicator 8.10 includes new functionalities to regulate comprehensive full formula ingredient data within SiteHawk and provide tools to ensure workplaces have access to the chemical data necessary to maintain compliance and promote safety.

View, Track and Securely Manage Full Formula Data

Managing chemical information is crucial, especially when it involves exact concentrations of ingredients. SiteHawk’s Full Formula delivers the ability to be proactive with full formula ingredient data across your organization.

Full Formula Full Formula enables users to tailor data to include items such as multiple full formulations, date ranges, documents and comments. With the ability to store multiple formulas for any material, you can assign a primary formula and monitor changes over time. The security of SiteHawk’s Full Formula functionality enables your organization to store proprietary or company-specific full formula ingredient data with configurable access for all employees.

Benefits and functionality of Full Formula extend beyond managing full formula ingredient data for your organization. SiteHawk Communicator allows you to integrate data with other systems for internal reporting, environmental reporting and chemical or hazard visibility.

Additional Enhancements

SiteHawk Communicator 8.10 includes enhancements to SiteHawk’s web-based submission feature, Service Request. When an SDS is submitted, SiteHawk experts engage a combination of double-blind keying, statistical process control and special exception handling in an effort to maximize data quality. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in managing chemical data, SiteHawk utilizes these processes when an SDS is received and throughout the data collection process to deliver trustworthy, verified content. New enhancements deliver the ability to view the progress of the data implementation. If, for any reason, an SDS submission is rejected, SiteHawk provides a detailed look at why an SDS was unable to be processed so users can know what action items need to be taken to ensure SDSs are up to date.

In an effort to provide the most innovative, relevant and user-friendly chemical data management solution in the industry, SiteHawk deploys regular product releases including enhancements to current functionality and new application features. SiteHawk’s upcoming releases include exciting new enhancements to labeling, SDS backup downloads and an interactive Dashboard. If you have questions about SiteHawk or its latest release, contact us at [email protected] or 615-984-7897.

About SiteHawk

SiteHawk is a global leader in Chemical Data Intelligence and compliance solutions. Our SaaS software and services deliver a complete approach to SDS and chemical data management, providing data, intelligence and reporting to support safety, compliance and risk management. Organizations in virtually every industry worldwide utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet EHS compliance and product stewardship initiatives, manage chemical inventories and data, publish safety data sheets and promote workplace safety.

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