SiteHawk Presents at Ignite Performance Intelex User Conference in Toronto

“Without the data, the tools are pointless and without the software the data is unmanageable.”

-Tim O’Reilly

David Williams, VP of Industry & Innovation at SiteHawk Presents at Ignite Performance Intelex User Conference 2017 in Toronto

David Williams, Vice President of Industry & Innovation at SiteHawk

Mr. O’Reilly was spot-on. Today, most companies engage multiple software systems and under-utilize countless data sources. At the Ignite Performance Intelex User Conference 2017 in Toronto, SiteHawk led a breakout that focused on the data conundrum and how users can generate more from their data. The session focused on strategies for leveraging disparate data sources to improve executive visibility, maintain compliance and drive organizational change—essentially, how to make 1+1=3.

Are you making the most of your data?

The presentation evaluated the use of multiple disparate systems: EMIS, SDS and Chemical Data Management, Compliance and Purchasing. These systems can integrate to reveal holistic approaches, track historic trends, maintain regulatory compliance and improve purchasing practices. For instance, SDS management tools such as SiteHawk Communicator, marry ingredient data, CAS numbers and hazard information with regulatory data to enable chemical approval processes that prevent chemicals on restricted lists from entering a facility. These two systems can be integrated with ERP systems to prevent the purchase of those chemicals, providing an effective collaboration across the enterprise.

How do chemicals spark system integration?

Businesses must first plan the work, then work the plan. First, you must carefully examine your values, priorities and business goals. Do you want dashboards or report? Do managers want to save time and manpower resources by automating process? Do stakeholders want to provide or purchase innovative products?

After goals are established, you should take a data inventory to explore what data is available. Examine data accuracy, relevance and quality. Once this is established, contact vendors (such as your SDS management system or EMIS provider) to involve them in establishing an effective integration plan for your organizational structure to meet your objectives. Leverage those systems to utilize your data and make the unmanageable data, manageable.

Thank you to our friends and partners at Intelex for a very useful and thought provoking event in the beautiful city of Toronto. I look forward to participating in the Ignite Performance Intelex User Conference again in the future.

About David Williams

David Williams, Vice President of Industry & Innovation at SitwHawk, brings over 20 years of experience in product marketing, digital strategy and program development to SiteHawk. His rich experience includes working on projects for clients such as Bridgestone/Firestone, MSN, Vanderbilt University, Meredith and Google to name a few. His diverse work responsibilities across various business functions uniquely qualify him to lead the team which guides the design and evolution of SiteHawk products. Williams attended the University of Louisville where he studied psychology and is a Certified Product Owner (CSPO).