Increase in OSHA Fines

For the first time in 25 years, OSHA increases fines for violations by as much as 78%. Effective August 1, 2016, the new maximum fine per violation will be $12,471 (the max has been $7,000 since 1990). By Congressional directive, federal agencies such as OSHA are adjusting civil penalties to account for inflation; penalties will continue to increase annually based on the Consumer Price Index.

The big question… what does that mean for the EHS industry?

It is now more important than ever that organizations make every effort to stay up-to-date about regulatory changes and maintain efficient, compliant chemical data. Here are a few tips to drive operational safety in your organization.

Stay current.

Keep track of any regulatory changes and educate employees about any new information concerning hazardous substances and best practices on site. SiteHawk’s Knowledge Center is a great source to find the latest information about changes within the EHS industry and employee safety.

Utilize SiteHawk applications.

The Knowledge Center also provides articles, videos and presentations about SiteHawk’s software, such as QuickSEARCH and Material Approval guides. Review the content of the Knowledge Center and share helpful tips with employees to make the most of your Communicator subscription.

Explore possibilities.

SiteHawk provides innovative and robust services by Inventory, Authoring and other specialists who help your organization manage accurate and compliant data. In addition, services such as Fetch, Hosting and Distribution enable users to launch effective business development and integration via the Communicator application.

The EHS industry is constantly changing. Partnership with SiteHawk helps your organization stay safe and secure. For more information about SiteHawk services, contact your Customer Manager or email [email protected].

To see more information about the changes on OSHA’s website, click here.

Source: United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration. OSHA Penalty Adjustments to Take Effect August 2016. Retrieved July 12, 2016 from