Chemical Hazard Labels

Workers need the ability to print GHS compliant labels. SiteHawk labeling saves time and maintains GHS compliance by using SDS data to generate secondary container labels that offer hazard visibility, diverse configurations and flexible outputs.

  • Save time and resources by configuring and printing labels in GHS, WHMIS, HMIS and NFPA formats to sheet and roll printers.
  • Select from a variety of label templates and configure label content, manage custom labels or utilize a label wizard to configure the arrangement, size and content of your labels.
  • Generate QR codes on labels to provide a scannable direct link to a unique SDS and scanned by the QuickSCAN app—the fastest way to an SDS.
  • Create configurable GHS workplace labels powered by Avery Design and Print GHS Wizard®
Print GHS Labels with SiteHawk Communicator

In the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), label requirements exist for product and secondary container (workplace) labels. Check out the GHS and WHMIS 2015 infographics to learn more about GHS label requirements.

WHMIS Labels

WHMIS Labels

For more information on labels, check out the SiteHawk Labeling flyer. For information about using QuickSCAN codes on labels, download the QuickSCAN flyer or visit the QuickSCAN page.