Try, Try Again…

Are you trying to contact suppliers for updated SDS? Material Summary can help stay compliant!

Albert Einstein said “You never fail until you stop trying.”

This mantra might run like a broken record for many EHS managers still seeking GHS-compliant SDSs from suppliers and manufactures.

OSHA 2012 regulations require that all companies attempt to contact suppliers and acquire updated (GHS) SDSs. However, SDS acquisition has become problematic for many organizations as delays snowball from suppliers. SiteHawk works proactively to contact manufacturers on your behalf but how does your company track your efforts to obtain updated SDSs?

To prevent from littering your office with sticky notes detailing call times to manufacturers, SiteHawk offers a location to store call logs for each material.

Using the Material Summary functionality, users can edit the Notes tab at the end of each Material Summary page. This section is a great place to capture call logs as you contact suppliers for SDS documents – keeping your records clean and your office compliant. Emails can also be uploaded in the Attachments field to help provide a collection of communication efforts.

Who doesn’t want a few less sticky notes on their desk?


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Contributing Author:  Erika Scrimpshire, Product Marketing Manager