SDS Authoring Innovation – Multiple Agency Support on a Single SDS

Global disributors are reducing costs and improving efficiency – without sacrificing compliance standards or introducing risk – by having a single product SDS adhere to multiple agency standards, a multiple agency SDS.

The Concept - OSHA, WHMIS and even EU CLP on a Single SDS

At SiteHawk, we are seeing an increase in the number of our authoring customers that want multiple agencies on a single SDS. With careful attention to research, phrasing, and document structure, a single SDS can meet both OSHA and WHMIS requirements. In some cases, such an SDS can be enhanced to also be UN or EU CLP compliant.

Here is a sample SDS with information provided for both OSHA & WHMIS:

multiple agency sds

Click on the image to view or download the sample SDS as a PDF document

The Benefits of Multiple Agency SDS - Reduced Cost and Increased Efficiency

The benefits are real. A single SDS that supports multiple agencies is easier for product manufacturers to manage and distribute to customers. It eliminates the need to match an agency-specific SDS with select customers in specific locations. It also simplifies shipping and exports. Now, a product can have one SDS that is compliant in multiple geographies.

This approach also reduces cost as only one SDS must be authored, tracked, and updated.  Translation costs are reduced as only one document is involved.

Key Ingredients - Experienced Authors, Rich Data Sources, and Proper Enabling Technology

multiple agency sds

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Creating a multi-agency SDS takes more effort than creating multiple single agency SDSs. The right people, data, and tools are keys to success.

You need experienced authors with deep knowledge of the regulations of all the in-scope agencies.  And, the authors must have access to a myriad of data sources – everything from LOLI, Toxnet, and Annex VI to the NIOSH Pocket, RTECS, and CDC’s ATSDR.  Proper enabling technology is also crucial. The authoring platform must support a document structure that allows for multiple agency data on a single SDS.

To learn more about how to maximize compliance, reduce risk, and rapidly obtain a cost-effective and tailored SDS that supports multiple agencies, contact SiteHawk today.

About Ruth Donlon

Ruth Donlon leads SiteHawk’s authoring and regulatory services group. A SiteHawk and authoring veteran, Ruth holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Lipscomb University. In her 15 years in the industry, Ruth has helped everyone from industrial manufacturers and natural resources entities to package food companies and chemical conglomerates create a safer & healthier workplace and produce safer products. At home, Ruth enjoys cooking, crafting and spending family time with her husband and two children and as a true Nashville (and music) lover, is a perennial attendee of Bonnaroo.

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