Verdantix Says EHS Leaders Risk Becoming Obsolete Unless They Develop A Roadmap To Deploy Innovative Technologies

Executives in charge of environment, health and safety functions risk becoming obsolete as business leaders if they don’t invest more time understanding the value of innovative technologies. This is the main finding from a new study into the EHS technology ecosystem conducted by independent research firm Verdantix.

“Many EHS managers are disconnected from their firms’ digital strategies” stated Malavika Tohani, Verdantix Principal Analyst and author of the report. “At a time when CEOs at industrial firms such as Caterpillar, ENGIE and Rolls-Royce advocate digital transformation, EHS leaders need to develop their own technology plan. The challenge is the huge range of technologies available in the market which claim to deliver benefits for safety, health and environment programmes.”

The Verdantix report entitled Tech Roadmap For EHS Technologies helps EHS leaders identify and prioritize innovative technologies. Covering 19 technology categories and more than 280 different vendors, the report assesses technologies in four phases:

• Research and development: active exoskeletons.
• Commercial launch: augmented reality visors, passive exoskeletons, hazcom beacons, voice recognition software, virtual reality safety training, wearable sensors, predictive analytics, mapping drones and wearable physical condition monitors.
• Growth: mobile EHS apps, EHS software platforms, online safety data sheets.
• Maturity: air calculation engines, process historians, online EHS regulatory content, continuous emissions monitoring systems, Excel for EHS data management.

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