Calling all VPP Participants! – OSHA Seeking Input on Voluntary Protection Programs

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

Got suggestions to make OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) better? Now is your chance to make a difference and chime in. A docket ( is open until September 15, 2017 where you can submit your comments and also read other comments provided.

OSHA is seeking input on following:

  • What can the agency do to enhance and encourage the efforts of employers, workers and unions to identify and address workplace hazards through the VPP?
  • How can the agency support increased participation in VPP while operating with available resources and maintaining the integrity of the program?
  • How can the agency modify VPP to enhance the efforts and engagement of long-term VPP participants?
  • How might the agency modify Corporate VPP for greater leverage and effectiveness?
  • How can the agency further leverage participant resources such as Special Government Employees?

OSHA held a public meeting for stakeholders earlier this week. A second stakeholder meeting is also anticipated to be scheduled in conjunction with the VPPPA National Conference the week of August 28 in New Orleans.

Link to OSHA’s news release –

OSHA’s VPP (Voluntary Protection Programs) are designed to promote effective worksite-based safety and health. Approval of a facility into the VPP is how OSHA recognizes a worksite’s outstanding, exemplary achievements in occupational safety and health. To obtain this approval a worksite must apply and then undergo an onsite evaluation by a team of OSHA safety and health experts. Statistical evidence exists showing support for the improvements for worker safety and health that this program provides. Employers benefit by achieving a reduction in injuries and illnesses which means greater profits due to reductions in workers’ compensation and other costs. More information about VPP can be found here