Preparing for the ASTQB Summit

ASTQB SummitIn a previous blog post, I listed some of the reasons I think Working at SiteHawk is Great. One of the benefits I have received is the opportunity to attend the ASTQB Summit on Friday, September 15. This event promises to be a great opportunity, and I hope to make the most of it.

Though the ASTQB Summit is still over a month away, I’m already making plans to get the most out of the conference. I will attend the Mobile Testing breakout session to prepare for the Certified Mobile Tester exam. For the second breakout session, I will focus on Automated Testing with the hopes of gaining knowledge for both my job and for the Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Automation Engineer exam. I will choose Agile Testing for the third breakout session, as our office is transitioning to Scrum methodologies, and the knowledge imparted during this session will help me become more effective in our changing environment. For the workshop, I will focus on Automated Testing and Performance Testing to bolster my knowledge and prepare for the challenges that await me in my future projects with SiteHawk.

The end of the ASTQB Summit will not be the end of my efforts, however.  On Saturday, September 16, I will return to Irvine to take the Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Automation Engineer exam; I plan on returning to Smyrna with a new certification.  And when I return from my trip, I will author Confluence pages with highlights from the ASTQB Summit so I can share the knowledge I gained with the rest of my team. Finally, I intend to use the momentum gained from the trip to prepare for – and pass – the Certified Mobile Tester certification exam before Thanksgiving.

The ASTQB Summit has the potential to be a phenomenal opportunity to advance my development as a Quality Assurance Analyst.  My goal is to come back to Smyrna with knowledge and insights that will assist both me and my teams as we progress and evolve.  I won’t lie; I do plan on some sight-seeing and visiting with family during my trip, but my number one priority will be to represent both myself and SiteHawk to the best of my ability.