SDS Authoring Services

Regarded as the most thorough SDS Authoring Services in the industry, SiteHawk creates Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for the materials you manufacture, sell or distribute.

Trust Our Expertise

Our team of certified professionals simplifies the process of SDS authoring from submission to document delivery. Our more than 30 years’ combined experience guarantees accurate and compliant creation or updating of your product Safety Data Sheets and delivers the most thorough documents in the industry.

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With over 20 years of experience, SiteHawk brings the highest level of expertise to SDS Authoring. SiteHawk is the premier provider of SDS Authoring Services for many of the largest and most demanding manufacturers in the world. We take pride in a consultative approach with accuracy and safety being our top priorities.

How Are SiteHawk's SDS Authoring Services Unique?

As Safety Data Sheets are prepared, SiteHawk incorporates an additional level of hands-on evaluation by specialists who apply professional judgement as materials are classified. This approach improves the accuracy and quality of Safety Data Sheets. Proper classifications help reduce cost by avoiding revision fees or fines resulting from incorrect and/or missing data.

Why Should an Organization Outsource SDS Authoring?

The ongoing global adoption of GHS has continued to increase the complexity of SDS authoring. As complexity has increased, so have the penalties for companies found to be out of compliance. (e.g. Increase in OSHA Fines, July 2016) In addition to risk-mitigation and cost avoidance, SiteHawk provides cost efficient SDS hosting and distribution services that allow manufacturers and distributors to focus on their core business.

Can Multiple Agencies Be Represented in a Single SDS?

Yes, SiteHawk is leading the way in creation of a single SDS that satisfies the requirements of multiple agencies, including OSHA, WHMIS and even EU CLP or UN in some cases.

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SDS Authoring Services