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"SDS Sanity Check – Getting on the Same Page as Your Vendors"

Sep 2017

Author: David Williams, Vice President of Industry & Innovation

Chemical exposure and management is a paramount concern for EHS industry leaders. But let’s be honest. SDS information is not always clear about the hazards represented by a material or its ingredients. How do EHS leaders identify problematic documents and acquire the information necessary for effective decision-making about the materials on site, exposure and worker…


"SiteHawk Empowers EHS Professional to Leverage Chemical Data Management and Drive Operational Excellence"

Aug 2017

Featured: The Silicon Review

Driven by consumers, cost effect and regulatory mandates, companies continue to elevate the importance of Environmental Health and Safety in every industry. Understanding chemical data is crucial to align EHS processes with corporate initiatives, manage business strategy and reach EHS goals. SiteHawk is the solution to making these efforts a reality. For 24 years, SiteHawk…


"Chemical Reaction: How GHS Impacts Workplace Safety"

Sep 2015

Featured: Engineered Wood Journal

Author: Kim Stier, Chief Industry and Innovation Officer

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Hazard Communication (HazCom) violations are ranked among the 10 most frequently cited workplace violations.

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"Chemical Data Management: The Complete Guide You Wish You Had Sooner"

Feb 2019

Speaker: Matt Adams

Presented By Fill out the form to access this five-part webinar series! Organizations across virtually every industry find themselves navigating the roadmap of Chemical Data Management. While some instances require more intricate processes and procedures, there are common foundational components that can set your organization up for success. This five-part webinar series takes an in-depth…


"Tier II, TRI and NPRI: Get Ready for the 2019 Reporting Season"

Feb 2019

Speaker: Ruth Donlon, Katie McGee & Ian Cohen

Fill out the form to accessthis complimentary webinar! Annual reporting for Tier II, TRI and NPRI is just around the corner for environmental teams across the US and Canada. While these are three distinct reporting requirements, there are key similarities and best practices that extend to all three that you can leverage to streamline your…


"Laying the Foundation for Effective Chemical Management"

Sep 2018

Speaker: Matt Adams

Fill out the form below towatch the video! Chemical management is challenging; it requires coordination between multiple stakeholders including product stewardship, industrial hygiene, environmental and safety teams. Establishing an efficient and scalable chemical program is critical to maintain visibility of on-site inventory at any given time. Establishing visibility allows industry professionals to begin by mitigating the…

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EPA Publishes Updated TSCA Inventory – The Countdown Begins

Apr 2019

Author: Katie McGee

Categories: News & Updates, Regulatory News

Tags: ,

The race is on! On February 19, 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory with all listed substances having either an Active or Inactive designation. There are 35,110 non-confidential substance listings and 10,463 confidential substance listings on the inventory that are listed as Inactive. The Inactive designation…


Growing Culture at a Growing Company

Mar 2019

Author: Rachel Nigh

Categories: Life at SiteHawk

Tags: ,

How do you preserve culture at a growing company? According to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, the answer is simple: You don’t. At Netflix, Hastings says, “We encourage employees to figure out how to improve the culture, not how to preserve it.” Of course, that’s easier said than done. At a growing company, there are more…

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