Laying the Foundation for Effective Chemical Management

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AIHA WebinarsChemical management is challenging; it requires coordination between multiple stakeholders including product stewardship, industrial hygiene, environmental and safety teams. Establishing an efficient and scalable chemical program is critical to maintain visibility of on-site inventory at any given time. Establishing visibility allows industry professionals to begin by mitigating the largest chemical-related risks in their businesses and enables a continuous improvement approach going forward.

Join Matt Adams, Senior Software Engineer from SiteHawk, as he explores the foundational steps to ensure chemical visibility and allow companies to create a proactive, forward-thinking approach to chemical management that has ripple effects across the business.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to ensure that your current system has the right foundations and best practices around correcting any shortcomings.
  • High-impact, low-maintenance best practices to ensure chemical visibility and risk mitigation.
  • Steps to augment current practices to impact other business segments and gain competitive advantages.

Matt Adams - Sr. Solutions Engineer

Matt Adams - Sr. Solutions Engineer

About the presenter:

Matt is a thought leader in the EHSQ space. He has experience in the field as a safety officer and at the solution development level as a product consultant. Matt holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph. Matt is currently a Sr. Solution Engineer at SiteHawk.