What is SiteHawk QuickSCAN?

SiteHawk QuickSCAN is a mobile application which enables users to scan QuickSCAN codes that have been generated through SiteHawk Communicator and placed on secondary container labels or used in product documentation which, when scanned, return the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the labeled material.

How do I view the SDS once I’ve scanned the QuickSCAN code?

The application directs your mobile device’s browser to the URL where that material’s SDS is stored in your facility’s notebook. You can then view that document like you would any other on your device. Document pages can be scrolled, viewed in landscape, expanded for easier reading or touch and hold to open the magnifying feature for easier reading as well.

Can I email or print the SDS?

Yes you can. By touching the send button at the bottom of the screen (box with arrow) you can save the SDS to your device, email or text the link for the SDS to anyone that needs it.

Can I save the name of the material to the app?

The URLs that locate the SDS documents are encoded and do not show the facility name, facility number or material name for security purposes. However, once you have viewed the SDS it is logged in the Activity screen. If you would like to retain the link for future use you can touch and hold on that row in the Activity screen and you are offered the opportunity to assign a logical name to that URL.

My activity screen is very full, is it possible to delete items?

There are 2 ways to clear items from the Activity screen. Swiping a row left will present a red delete button. That will delete just that row. The Trash Can icon in the header will confirm you want to clear the whole list, selecting yes will delete all activity records.

It’s too dark where I am to scan the QuickSCAN code.

Turn on your device’s flash by touching the lightning icon in the top right of the header. Once you’ve scanned the code you can turn the flash off again.

Is it possible to turn on/off the sound or vibration for the app?

Yes. Under the settings icon you will find on/off toggles for both features. The volume of the sound is controlled by your settings.

Can I use the app on Apple and Android devices?

Yes. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.


How do I create QuickSCAN QR codes for my SDSs?

Using SiteHawk QuickSCAN, you can generate QuickSCAN codes for any SDS in your electronic Notebook in SiteHawk Communicator and include these codes on labels.


Who do I contact to learn more?

For current SiteHawk customers, contact your Customer Manager for details about how to utilize this exciting new functionality. If you are interesting in learning more about SiteHawk, contact us at         1-877-483-4295 or [email protected] today!


For more information, download the QuickSCAN Info Sheet.