SiteHawk Communicator Enhances Data Consolidation Functionalities

Today, January 21, 2018, SiteHawk has enhanced SiteHawk Communicator, the leading global solution for chemical data management with a number of new features and improvements. New features include an innovative functionality which enables users to consolidate materials within SDS Notebooks making SDS search more accurate and less time consuming.

Harmonize Your SDS Notebooks, Simplify SDS Search

Providing succinct information throughout an organization is crucial, especially as it pertains to safety instructions, material ingredients and additional information that accompanies an SDS. SiteHawk’s Search Similar promotes consistency throughout SDS Notebooks while reducing clutter that may have accumulated over time.

Search Similar enables users to search for comparable materials and designate one as the primary material. By doing so, the remaining comparable materials within the SDS Notebook(s) are archived. This function enables users to consolidate data, eliminate duplicates and simplify SDS search.

Additional Enhancements

Make SDS Search Easier with "Search Similar"

Visit to view the enhanced SiteHawk Communicator login page!

Another new feature is the enhanced SiteHawk Communicator login page. The login page is now equipped with links to articles, blogs, social media sites and mobile app stores to provide users with the latest SiteHawk product updates and industry news.

In an effort to provide the most innovative, relevant and user-friendly chemical data management solution in the industry, SiteHawk deploys regular product releases including enhancements to current functionality and new application features. If you have questions about SiteHawk or its latest release, contact us at [email protected] or 615-984-7897.

About SiteHawk

SiteHawk is a global leader in Chemical Data Management and compliance solutions. Our SaaS software and services deliver a complete approach to SDS and chemical data management, providing data, intelligence and reporting to support safety, compliance and risk management. Organizations in virtually every industry worldwide utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet EHS compliance and product stewardship initiatives, manage chemical inventories and data, publish safety data sheets and promote workplace safety.