SDS Version Management

To fulfill Right-to-Know and access requirements, workplaces must provide access to the latest SDS for all hazardous materials on site. SiteHawk helps consolidate data and keep your SDSs up-to-date while providing hazard visibility to users when SDSs change over time.


Automate Compliance with Standard Update and Verification Services

SiteHawk’s standard review policy ensures that SiteHawk reviews the active SDSs in each SDS Notebook at least every 24 months (compared to the industry-standard of 36 months). For SDSs not verified as the most current within the past 24 months, SiteHawk engages the vendor up to three times to acquire the most current SDS.

Anytime SiteHawk receives an updated or revised SDS, SiteHawk professionals carefully evaluate the document to determine if the document is a new document or a revised version update. When a document is updated, the new document is shared among all facilities with the active material, replacing the older version in customer Notebooks and ensuring workers have access to the most recent chemical data.  

Deliver Unlimited Access to Version Archives

When a new or revised version is obtained, the previous version is archived. Archives are kept at no additional cost and can be accessed at any time to support regulatory version history and archiving requirements (such as OSHA’s 30-Year Rule).

  • In addition, SiteHawk provides a Version Compare tool to help identify changes in SDS versions over time, alerting safety personnel of any changes in protocol or hazard communication that may be necessary.

For more information about how SiteHawk helps mitigate challenges to GHS compliance, check out our SDS Update and Verification Industry Challenges E-book.