Simple EHS Quiz Card Program that Created Real EHS Culture Change

EHS ProgramEnhancing the EHS culture of your business and achieving sufficient company-wide buy-in can be a challenge. With EHS teams that are often stretched thin, it can be tough to go above and beyond critical EHS tasks. If you find yourself in this situation, relatively small EHS programs can often engage a wide range of employees in a meaningful way. To put things in perspective, a member of the EHS team at an automotive parts manufacturer recently explained that they were having trouble getting safety behavior to stick with factory employees. Their EHS metrics were ahead of industry-accepted levels, but they knew they could do more to make EHS top of mind. To do this, the EHS team set up a system they called EHS Quiz Cards. It turned out this system worked quite well for the organization.

Team leaders on the shop floor had a deck of roughly 30 EHS Quiz Cards, each of which had a unique open-ended EHS question. Team leaders could incorporate this deck in their shift kickoff meetings. As a part of each meeting, the team leader would pull a card at random, choose an employee and ask them the question. By doing so, the employee’s thoughts around safety could be shared while inspiring a quick discussion about the question at hand. Engaging in a discussion resonated better than simply reading a policy or procedure out loud in front of the team. Additionally, the EHS Quiz Cards proved to be a great method for reiterating training lessons to employees that had not recently been exposed to the subject matter.

Although management led the development of the program, the team leaders played an important part in putting the EHS Quiz Card program into action. A key element to ensuring participation was allowing the team leaders who would be guiding the exercise to provide input on what the questions should be. The collaborative approach proved beneficial as team leaders came back with suggestions that had not been discussed by management. Members of the EHS team attended the shift kickoff meetings to ensure team leaders did not forget to ask an EHS Quiz Card question. Over time, this strengthened the EHS Quiz Card program as it became a permanent component in the meeting process.

Here’s a list of sample questions that are geared towards chemical management:

  • What do you do if you find an unmarked substance container?
  • If you suddenly notice a strong chemical smell, what action(s) should you take?
  • In the event of a chemical spill, what precautionary steps should be taken?
  • Where can you find the organization’s environmental policy?

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