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SiteHawk Analytics ... Let Your Data Speak!

Facilities have a lot of processes… and even more data. But how much do you really know about what is happening across your facilities? The best EHS leaders utilize Analytics to gain insight into what users have done and are doing to make safer, smarter decisions to increase profitability and improve the bottom line.

What Can Analytics Do for You?

Cost Management
Evaluate material status (active and archived) and SDS submissions to ensure you pay only for the active materials on site.

Cost Justification
Export detailed reports to determine a true ROI.

Risk Mitigation
Identify compliance gaps and drive incident management by surveying user engagement.

The Dashboard enables users to configure widgets by various charts (Donut Chart seen above), dates and more.
sciense backgroung

Analytics utilizes multiple widgets to drive facility insight. SiteHawk Communicator includes a Dashboard with options to configure widgets for Logins and GHS Compliance … with more to come!

Analytics Widgets

  • Logins
  • GHS Compliance
  • Service Requests
  • SDS Totals
  • SDS Interactions

For more information about SiteHawk Analytics, check out the Analytics Flyer, Analytics FAQ and Analytics e-book (download below).

SiteHawk Analytics

This SiteHawk Analytics e-book utilizes data analytics to enable corporations to go beyond compliance, using data to gain insight into facilities.

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