New partnership, new possibilities for EHS management programs

Recently, SiteHawk announced a new partnership with Intelex, a leading environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality software provider–the SiteHawk Intelex partnership bridges the gap between chemical data content and EHS management applications. The data that SiteHawk collects from SDSs now feeds into Intelex’s applications such as water quality, industrial hygiene, occupational health, and risk management. This information is ideal for those who have a need for chemical data and safety data sheet (SDS) information to be used with their training, industrial hygiene, occupational health, waste or risk management programs.

  • Pull current, comprehensive SDS information into your Intelex system with SiteHawk
  • Create a centralized library for all of your Intelex applications
  • Share chemical information across your entire EHS program
  • Create forms and workflows within the Intelex system that incorporate SiteHawk information

Please note that Intelex and SiteHawk subscriptions are required to access partnership benefits. To learn more contact us at [email protected].

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SiteHawk and Intelex Collaborate to Deliver Enhanced Environment, Health and Safety Software Solutions 

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