Regulation Cross Reference List Reaches 140 Regulations

Regulation Cross Reference List Reaches 140 Regulations

SiteHawk’s Regulations Ledger, that started out as the “Top 100” has been amazing project.  Originally the goal was to catalog the top 100, or “most common” regulations for our customers; however after recognizing the value this provided, we couldn’t stop there. And it will continue to grow because of the support from our great team of regulation specialists.

Now with 140 regulations our customers have even greater and more powerful information at their finger-tips.  Also, companies can submit regulations to SiteHawk that are not currently listed in our regulation library to be included into the cross reference list on future updates.

Regulations Ledger

All you need to do is select the regulation and SiteHawk automatically cross references your materials so you can see at a glance what materials comply, conflict, or are subject to a particular regulation. There are also basic reporting functions available for these cross references.

We have continued to grow our international regulations list, which has proven to be particularly useful for both organizations with facilities around the globe as well as growing companies looking to expand into new markets. Knowing what regulations will affect your organization beforehand will  not only help safety professionals but also those in product development and customer service by allowing organizations to respond to customers and market conditions more efficiently and effectively.  For companies that operate only in the U.S. our cross references include  not only federal regulations (OSHA, EPA, DOT), but also various state regulations – everything from the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Hazardous Substance List (34 Pa. Code Chap. 301-323 ) to CA Proposition 65 so have confidence knowing that SiteHawk has you covered.