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OSHA Publishes Clarifications to Beryllium Standard

May 2018

Author: Katie McGee

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Early this week in the Federal Register, OSHA published a Direct Final Rule that included important clarifications to the Beryllium Standard (29 CFR 1910.1024). The clarifications begin with changes and additions to the Definitions section of the rule at 1910.1024 (b). The new terms are then incorporated later in the text, which of course impacts…


New partnership, new possibilities for EHS management programs

Dec 2014

Author: SiteHawk

Categories: Chemical Management, GHS Solutions, HazCom Compliance, SDS Management

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Recently, SiteHawk announced a new partnership with Intelex, a leading environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality software provider–the SiteHawk Intelex partnership bridges the gap between chemical data content and EHS management applications. The data that SiteHawk collects from SDSs now feeds into Intelex’s applications such as water quality, industrial hygiene, occupational health, and risk management. This…


A Few Tips to Get a Grip on an Accurate Chemical Inventory

Feb 2013

Author: Kimberly Williams

Categories: Chemical Management, SDS Authoring

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Aside from being more organized there are a few immediate practical rewards you’ll see: 1) you will establish a solid baseline for creating material approval and control procedures, 2) ensure MSDS compliance, and 3) automate regulatory reporting that is efficient and accurate.


Product Stewardship Initiatives Leading to More Chemical Information on Two Fronts, Company and Consumer

Jul 2012

Author: Compliance Specialist

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You probably saw it more than once at the grocery store and you see articles about it all the time online and in magazines. More and more consumers are comparing and contrasting nutritional information on the food they buy. Vitamins, fat content, serving size etc., it’s all right there for anyone to see. Stick with…