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Six Steps to SDS Success

Sep 2017

Author: Erika Scrimpshire

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Guest blogger Duncan Scrimpshire reflects on over 30 years of industry experience to provide insight in to the practical application of SDS documents in the workplace. Keeping workplaces safe and compliant is not an easy task. I remember the days when my office was filled with mounds of MSDS Notebooks and I spent hours doing research…


OSHA Publishes Interim Enforcement Guidance for Hazard Communication 2012

Jun 2015

Author: Compliance Specialist

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Over two weeks ago, the safety data sheet and labelling requirements under OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard (HCS 2012) (29 CFR 1910.1200) went into effect. Manufacturers, importers and employers must provide information about chemical hazards on Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels. They also must utilize GHS requirements to alert the user for immediate and consistent recognition…


Countdown to Compliance – OSHA Enforcement Guidance Provides Clarification Regarding Chemical Mixtures

Apr 2015

Author: SiteHawk

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In the past, we blogged that industry and trade associations have filed petitions requesting OSHA extend the deadline for product formulators, yielding clarification by the OSHA Enforcement Guidance that it would use enforcement discretion for manufacturers and importers who demonstrate they have conducted “reasonable diligence” and made “good faith” efforts to meet the June 1,…


OSHA Responds to Petition to Extend Deadline for Formulators

Nov 2014

Author: SiteHawk

Categories: Chemical Management, GHS Solutions, HazCom Compliance

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Industries Request OSHA Extend Deadline Recently, OSHA responded to nine industry organizations who filed an August, 2014 petition requesting the agency reopen the rulemaking proceedings for the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)– the industries request OSHA extends deadlines of June 2015 for formulators to meet HCS 2012 compliance requirements. Under HCS 2012, manufacturers and distributors are required…


North American HazCom Standard Based on UN GHS to Become a Reality

Jul 2013

Author: Katie McGee

Categories: GHS Solutions, HazCom Compliance

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Is a North American HazCom Standard based on UN GHS going to become a reality? We have gotten just an inkling of the potential answer to this infamous question in the recent weeks as Canada has released a “Description of Proposed Amendments to adopt GHS”.


OSHA Issues Corrections and Technical Amendment to HazCom Standard Final Rule

Feb 2013

Author: Compliance Specialist

Categories: Chemical Management, HazCom Compliance

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OSHA is correcting its regulations that were amended by the Hazard Communication Standard final rule, published in the Federal Register on March 26, 2012. The majority of the corrections are to references inadvertently missed in the original publication of the final rule. Other corrections include correcting values or notations in tables, and updating references to terms.