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Highlight Feature: Regulatory Threshold Worksheets

Apr 2013

Author: Compliance Specialist

Categories: HazCom Compliance, Product Development, SDS Management

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In the most basic description, the Regulatory Threshold Worksheets compare material quantities recorded within SiteHawk to be compared against reporting threshold levels for reporting of various regulations. It sounds simple enough, but it is also one of the most talked about and powerful new features in SiteHawk Professional. It acts like a regulatory checks and…


Common Mistakes When Authoring SDSs and GHS Compliance

Mar 2013

Author: Katie McGee

Categories: GHS Solutions, HazCom Compliance, SDS Authoring, SDS Management

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Although OSHA has not (at this time) published any guidance documents for field auditors regarding updated SDSs it is easy to say that an outdated SDS will stand out like a sore thumb. As you look to update SDSs for your products here are some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions regarding authoring an updated SDS for your consideration: