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OSHA HazCom Guidance Documents In The Works

Mar 2014

Author: Compliance Specialist

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According to a Bloomberg BNA report, OSHA is preparing a series of OSHA HazCom Guidance documents to help employers comply with the new standard.  The new OSHA standard was finalized in 2012, but companies have a three (3) year window to implement various aspects of the new Hazard Communication standard.  New provisions affect employee training,…


Common Mistakes When Authoring SDSs and GHS Compliance

Mar 2013

Author: Katie McGee

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Although OSHA has not (at this time) published any guidance documents for field auditors regarding updated SDSs it is easy to say that an outdated SDS will stand out like a sore thumb. As you look to update SDSs for your products here are some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions regarding authoring an updated SDS for your consideration: