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Simple EHS Quiz Card Program that Created Real EHS Culture Change

Jul 2018

Author: Matt Adams

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Enhancing the EHS culture of your business and achieving sufficient company-wide buy-in can be a challenge. With EHS teams that are often stretched thin, it can be tough to go above and beyond critical EHS tasks. If you find yourself in this situation, relatively small EHS programs can often engage a wide range of employees…


The Cost of Safety and Compliance

Aug 2013

Author: Compliance Specialist

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The big question on a lot of people’s minds is how will GHS affect safety numbers in the long run? Well some 40+ million workers in the U.S. alone will be affected by GHS. There will also be implementation and training costs. However, OSHA is forecasting the prevention of 43 fatalities and 585 injuries per year from implementing the GHS.


2012 Safety Summit – A System that Works

Sep 2012

Author: Compliance Specialist

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To share how EnPro became a two time America’s Safest Company winner with EHS Today, they are holding, 2012 Safety Summit – A System that Works.