Why Working at SiteHawk is Great

Scott Watson - QA Analyst at SiteHawkI joined the IT workforce in 1999, and I’ve had over 15 IT jobs during my career. My engagements have lasted from 3 months to 2 years, and most of my engagements permitted me the opportunity to learn additional skills or industries. However, I would not consider every engagement as a great opportunity.

I can say without hesitation, though, that working for SiteHawk has been a great opportunity.

First, and most important, is my team. In addition to being professional and highly-skilled, they engage me in open and honest communication. New ideas and collaboration opportunities are openly encouraged. Our team lead has an open-door policy, and he frequently interacts with us, whether it be to challenge us to become better or to invite us to join him on a coffee run. In past engagements, I’ve dreaded coming to work due to certain co-workers or supervisors. At SiteHawk, I’m eager to start the day and see what my team and I can accomplish.

Unlike many of the companies for which I have previously worked, SiteHawk allocates funds for training. My teammates have opted to enroll in an online course. However, SiteHawk has made it possible for me to attend the ASTQB Summit in September.  I can safely say that no other company for which I have worked would have provided such an opportunity for me.

Though I have only been with SiteHawk for only a year – hopefully the first of many – I have been exposed to new technologies. One of my earliest tasks was to generate automated test scripts in Telerik TestStudio. With the assistance and encouragement of my team lead, I generated over 400 test scripts. Now, our team is using Katalon Studio. Though we have just begun to use this tool, I’ve had the opportunity to generate at least 25 scripts in it and get exposure to both keyword-driven test generation and Java Groovy.

Last, but not least, SiteHawk has been understanding and compassionate during trying times. Both my fiancé and I have encountered health issues and family tragedies during 2017. SiteHawk – especially my team lead – has done everything they could to ensure that we could tend to our crises and permit me the opportunity to remain an active, contributing employee. Considering that I lost a previous job due to health issues, SiteHawk’s efforts to keep me engaged and balanced are deeply appreciated.

When I interviewed for my job at SiteHawk, my interviewers told me that this job would be a challenge.  And it has; some days have had me beside myself with worry. However, the good points far outweigh the bad, and I feel like I have a job about which I can openly brag to friends, family, and professional contacts. This job has been unlike any job before it, and I’m eager to see what the next challenge will be.

Editor’s Note: SiteHawk is hiring. If you’re looking for a career, a challenge and a “work family” like Scott described in this post, check out our current list of open positions – SiteHawk Careers.